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I have had amazing skin growing up, no teenage acne and very little pimples which disappeared as fast as they came. These were sparse and that how I loved it

Dec’19 I had these pimples with no puss start popping up on my forehead. It is me I was concerned and freaking out inwards, my last appointment with my aesthetician was on the 20th Dec and I was freaked, to say the least. I had a deep cleanse facial and an LED treatment which was my standard.

Over the past few months, I have been hoping that they disappear. I have had multiple appointments and still no assistance. Mid Mar’20 my friend suggested I start using ACV as a toner and after scouring Dr. Web I decided to try it. I did for a week and it worked, besides the putrid smell, it was starting to work, I used it along with my skincare routine. on a daily basis

A week later, i went to the Dr (the real one) and had my deep cleanse facial. After my numerous questions and what I’m sure was half my day, the aesthetician suggested Benzac 5g which would dry out the pimples. (let’s not go into the fact that they tried to charge me R250 for something I could get at clicks for R84)

I’ve been scouring the internet and Youtube for instructions because I had realized I didn’t get many. I decided to use it daily with my routine wow it stings.

New Routine: Wash, Benzac (no idea why I thought it should go before my tone and moisturizer), moisturizer, toner, and sunscreen in the mornings.

Normal routine: Wash, toner, serum, scar repair and moisturizer and sunscreens for the mornings

Its midnight I have decided to wash off the routine and apply just my normal stuff, my face hurt, was dry and sore.  Washing it was the best idea I have had yet. I am writing this waiting on my skin to absorb the product and for the burn to subside, don’t want itchy skin like last night.