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Over a year ago I started looking for a vanity rresser, the only issue was that I could not afford to spend over R4 500 on just mirror. I requested a quote on Insta for a vanity dresser I saw on Insta, Sheesh was I in for a surprise, I got a message quoting me between R4500 to R8000. It’s safe to say that I was NOT going to buy such a dresser.

So after drooling over the fancy Hollywood dresser, I decided the only way I was going to get what I wanted was to either buy it cheap or make one. The journey began on youtube where it does for me with many things For months I searched the internet for a basic dresser that I can change (gumtree, Olx and Facebook Market)

I came across a few dressers that I absolutely loved, 2 on Olx and 1 on facebook market. So after speaking to the ladies, and they found out my race it was suddenly taken. I was grief-stricken considering how long I have been searching and how invested I was in this vanity dresser. Thanks to my lovely husband, he told me to let it go and move on. I looked at purchasing a new pine dresser from Misty’s and Lotter’s Pine but it was not in my price range